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Puppy Goes Hundreds Of Kilometers Every Day To Pay His Respects For His Closest Friend’s Grave

The love that dogs have for their favorite person is unfathomable, even beyond death; a link is created that is nearly unbreakable, as proven by this small dog that goes kilometers every day to visit his human father’s grave.

Fulmine, a sweet dog, spent the last seven years of his life with his best buddy Leonardo. Both were extremely happy in the Italian countryside, loving nature and always seeking for ways to be pleased with each other.

Sarah Sechi, Leonardo’s daughter, claims that they were inseparable, that they had become soul mates, that they adored each other, and that they were nearly always seen cuddling.


Unfortunately, Fulmine and Leonardo’s lovely time together had to come to an end, yet their love seemed to still exist. Leonardo died this month after a protracted battle with a life-threatening disease.


His family looked after his dog while he was in the hospital, but despite providing him with all he required, they realized how much he missed Leonardo.

According to Sarah, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Fulmine would rush to the door whenever a car arrived, checking to see whether it was my father.”

Fulmine looked for his closest buddy everywhere, even after he had been buried, and he never gave up hope of finding him.


He was so determined to find his loving father that, after several efforts, he was able to locate him. Sechi and his kid went to the cemetery to lay fresh flowers on Leonardo’s tomb after Leonardo’s funeral had passed.

When they arrived at the grave, they were taken aback by the sight they saw, as someone other than them had come to pay their respects to their father. Fulmine, the tiny dog who had travelled hundreds of miles on his own to reach Leonardo’s tomb, was the one.


It’s unclear how he got there, but he must have realized that his father, whom he hadn’t seen in years, was in the area.

Sarah had this to say:

I was surprised to discover it there. He didn’t show up for the funeral, and I’m not sure how he got there.


The fact is that there was Fulmine, and he had finally rejoined with his closest buddy Leonardo, although in spirit. Surprisingly, this was not to be Fulmine’s final visit to the cemetery, as neighbors began reporting when they saw him there.


The small puppy, according to his family, visits Leonardo’s grave practically every day, expressing his boundless affection for him.

It will always be a mystery how Fulmine got to the grave, yet weird as it may sound, it is nonetheless extremely moving.


According to Sarah,

“I’d like to believe he’s motivated by his affection for my father. Alternatively, he may have been driven there by my father.

Fulmine is still unhappy and heartbroken by his friend’s leaving, but the good news is that he won’t be alone in his sadness.


Sarah and the dog are living together; they keep one other company and console each other so that they may move on from their grief.

Sarah continued:

“Thinking about how much my father and Fulmine loved one other makes me happy. It’s heartbreaking to watch him in this state, but we’ll all get through it together.


The most important thing is that Leonardo’s memories, particularly that of his best buddy Fulmine, will live on in their hearts forever.