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Neighbor Does Nicest Thing For Dog Always Jumping Up To Say ‘Hi’

An open heart and sense of compassion is often all it takes to overcome the barriers that divide us — but sometimes a power drill helps, too.

Jennifer Bowman, of California, recently went above and beyond to make it a little easier for a dog next door to visit with her and her dog each day. Because of the tall wooden fence between their properties, the gregarious pup, named Penny, had been having to spend a lot of energy for the briefest of hellos. So, Bowman decided to do something about it.

“Got tired of the neighbors German Shepherd jumping to peek over the fence so I made her a peeking spot,” Bowman wrote online. “I think she likes it.”

Now, thanks to the three holes Bowman added to the fence, Penny not only gets a full view into her neighbor’s yard, she can enjoy the smells.

If only all neighbors were so sweet.