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Woman Stands With Tiny Dachshund, When the Music Starts Keep Your Eyes Firmly On The Dog

What could be better than a dancing Weiner dog? The answer is nothing.

Emily and her dachshund, Henrietta, have a special bond. They cuddle together, they play together and they even share the same hobby – dancing.

Emily has successfully trained the clever dachshund and transformed her into a dancing dog to rival some of the greatest. In this fun-filled video of their freestyle dance, Emily leads the way as Henrietta shows off some fancy footwork, hopping around her dance partner.

Twirling, leaping and tapping her way around the studio like the best dancers, Henrietta steals the show as she shows off her talent. It’s clear to see that the doting pup is loving her time with her beloved human as she never takes her eyes off her for a second.

Set to saloon-style music, Emily dons a flat cap to get in character while Henrietta the dachshund relies on her pure talent to stay in character. The end of the video is just one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

My personal favourite move is when Henrietta shows off an impressive backwards shuffle – look out for it!

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