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These Newborn Puppies Were Abandoned In A Box, But Someone Made A Difference

Three adorable newborn puppies were abandoned in a box in Florida, California; thankfully, someone driving by the area noticed them and they were saved.

When the individual opened the package at the end of the street to discover what was inside, he was shocked to see the vulnerable puppies and quickly called Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

The three young puppies were then taken home by one of the entity’s officers so that they could receive the proper care for the remainder of the weekend.

The officer was able to get in touch with Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue (BHBD), a shelter in South Florida, and they took it upon themselves to locate a foster home where the tiny ones might seek sanctuary.

Puppies need a lot of care, time, and attention when they’re newborns, so several foster families decided to take turns caring for them. They were also very fragile, and the rescue team was concerned that they wouldn’t get the care they needed.

The pups, which were around 9 days old and had not yet opened their eyes and did not even know how to walk, were clearly intended to perish by the horrible individual who threw them out like junk.

According to Trinidad Hansen, director of the BHBD animal sanctuary on the West Coast, “We had issues with ten different bottles before we could locate one they loved. They needed to be fed every two hours and we had to stimulate them to go potty because they were still so little.