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Severely Injured Dog Survives And Makes A Full Recovery Thanks To The Love Of Her New Human Mother

On December 25, 2013, a severely injured dog was discovered within a structure in Yucatan, Mexico. Even though the situation was terrible, the animal did everything it could to ensure their survival.

The dog, who was given the name Patita by her rescuers, was very emaciated and had a shattered hip. She was recovered by Cristian and her wife Simona, who think that one of the vehicles that entered the site and came out ran over her.

Patita was discovered on December 25, 2013, in a residential neighborhood of Conkal, Yucatan, Mexico, during construction. She had a shattered hip and was seriously hurt, and she was most likely driven over by construction vehicles that were passing by.

Since Patita had children, the workers in the construction witnessed her wandering outside to hunt for food after several weeks of suffering. The workers at that particular construction company took in her puppies.

After being saved, the dog started a lengthy road to rehabilitation with Simona, her human mother, who took Patita to a reputable clinic where she would eventually have surgery because the animal had five broken hips.

Chris said:

After being saved, Patita and her new Human traveled a long way via many veterinary facilities before eventually locating one where she had surgery on January 6, 2014.

Through social media, this family asked for assistance in locating the dog.

Patita received therapy on a daily basis to help her muscles regain their mobility. Her humans, as well as her brother Luchito, a different dog that this animal-loving family had also rescued, were always by her side.

Patita is now fully recovered and overjoyed to have found the family she always dreamed of having. She now resides in Guadalajara.