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This Dog Had Several Holes In Her Neck With A Large Amount Of Worms In Them, But She Managed To Recover And Is Now Happy

Wilson Martins Coutinho came upon Anja, an abandoned puppy in poor shape, when he was strolling around the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The moment he saw that the dog had holes in its neck, he immediately offered to aid.

Martins, a genuine hero and animal lover, prowls the streets in an effort to save and aid stray canines. Wilson could insert his full finger within Anja’s holes because of their depth.

Because boiling water was sprayed on Anja’s body every day, causing injuries and excruciating pain that was nearly unbearable for her to endure, she was forced to live in this terrible situation.

Wilson had never witnessed anything so agonizing, much less a dog going through such misery.

Wilson started to sterilize Anja’s wounds after administering the anesthetics, but first had to remove her fur to make the task more manageable. Anja fell asleep shortly after.

Wilson removed the ticks and fleas from her body and wrapped her in a blanket.

She had a great appetite once she was awake from the anesthesia Wilson had given her.