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Homeless Dog Wags Her Tail At Everyone Who Passes By In The Hope Of Being Rescued

When a group of rescuers in Sri Lanka noticed a homeless dog, she demonstrated that perseverance pays off. Although her days were uncertain, the little girl who lived in Nuwela Eliya’s chilly streets never gave up hope that someone would come to her aid.

She had a happy disposition and would frequently wag her tail when someone went by in an effort to catch their attention.

The dog was constantly attempting to attract attention at a metropolitan market. She was viewed in that way by a team of elephant rescuers.

A crew of rescuers from Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park were exploring the city to learn more about the local elephant population. Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary for mistreated elephants with the mission of saving and rehabilitating as many elephants as it can.

The tiny girl’s tail was wagging when Lek Chailert, the founder of the Save Elephant Foundation, and several other rescuers observed it.

The team explained on YouTube:

“We spotted a little puppy waving its tail at onlookers at the market, where thousands of people pass by, begging people to pay attention to it.”

Numerous people passed the small dog as they walked by, but none of them stopped to assist her; instead, they simply ignored her and carried on. But this group gave in to the girl’s attractions and decided to stop her so they could pet her and pay her some attention.

The crew gave the young girl one final snuggle before saying their goodbyes because they were not in a rush to travel to their study location. The stray dog, however, didn’t want to be left behind and started to follow the rescue crew closely.

The rescue team was won over by the frightened and persistent young girl, and they started looking for a means to get her off the streets. They were very moved by the dog’s zeal and perseverance and determined to do all in their power to assist her.