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This Loyal Dog Stayed Next To The Lifeless Body Of Her Human Father For Five Hours

This dog, who was her human father’s favorite, showed her love and devotion by remaining by his dying corpse after he had an accident while out on a night walk. David Sparkes, 65, was located after his family reported him missing to the police when they noticed he had not returned home.

This devoted dog, named Mistle, remained by David’s lifeless corpse for five hours before it was discovered.

When he and Mistle went for a stroll along the River Severn on September 14 of this year, Sparkes left his house at 5 p.m. and was reported missing at approximately 9 p.m. He had been doing them for more than twenty years.

Sally Brown, his 37-year-old daughter, stated:

Mistle remained by his side through the entire ordeal, lying next to him until we located him.

She simply wouldn’t leave and sat with him the entire time, as if he were witnessing the scene.

Despite our sadness, we are really proud of Mistle.

“I missed my dad so much the next day that I was in such a bad way. She sat at the garden’s highest point.

David Sparkes was married to Hazel Sparkes, with whom he had two daughters, Gemma and Sally, as well as two grandchildren, Mateo, 11, and Christopher, 9.

When Mistle was only 10 weeks old, she was adopted by Mr. Sparkes’ family.

He left at 5, but it was still dark at nine, so I became concerned and called the police. Mistle faithfully stood by his side as the police eventually located him.

“We estimate that she spent about five hours sitting with him.”

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