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This Kind-Hearted Man Has Been Caring For The Homeless Cats Of Hartford, Connecticut For Over 20 Years

Willie Ortiz is a 76-year-old Puerto Rican guy who lives in Hartford, Connecticut. He has a kind heart. For the past 24 years, Willie has given food to the city’s stray cats.

Like other large cities, Hartford is home to a sizable number of cats that are frequently avoided by people.

Willie stated to The Dodo:

“I saw some stray cats being kicked and pushed around,” the witness said.

This man has always wanted to assist these cats, but because he couldn’t adopt them all, he started feeding them, castrating and sterilizing them, and when a cat becomes sick, he brings it home and gives it plenty of loving care. He also is in charge of finding them homes.

Declared Willy

“They require aid. I want to guarantee them nutrition and wellbeing.”

His companion Kathleen Schlentz claims that he is presently looking after about 68 stray cats in 16 distinct colonies.

For for than 20 years, this wonderful guy has taken care of homeless animals.
A colony is a collection of cats that share a particular space, such a trash or an abandoned structure.

Cathy said:

“Colonies are dynamic entities. As a result, cat colonies are always changing. Cats can be injured by automobiles, roam by other cats, or be abandoned by humans who can’t or won’t care for them.