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A Homeless Cat Comforts An Abandoned Puppy Who Is Only Waiting For Its Owners To Return

Cats and dogs, in general, are thought to be incompatible by nature. However, this isn’t always the case. We’re talking about an abandoned dog in front of a house in South Korea who is comforted, supported, and entertained by a little kitten.

The dog has been parked in front of apartment 103 in the residential neighborhood for almost six months. The neighbors are astounded that the four-legged hairy remains in a spot near the entryway despite the harsh winter. The company of a cat, who follows you around at all hours of the day and night, is the most fantastic thing.

Credit: Kritter Klub

The dog had a place to call home. In apartment number 103, he was raised by an old couple. They had to travel to the Senior Care Center, however, and they left their pet in an abandoned state because pets are not permitted on the premises.

Six months have passed since then, and the cat has been with him for the last two months. One of the locals was in charge of creating a little house to shelter both animals from the bitter winter weather, and labeled it “temporary home for a stray dog trembling with cold.”

Credit: Kritter Klub

However, it is noticeable that the animal likes to lie down in front of the door at all hours of the day and night, joined by its loving feline companion. And the reason for this is his master’s impending arrival. “When they sleep together at night, they cuddle to keep warm. Since they met on the street, they may believe they are in the same predicament. They are aware of their differences, yet they get along well and console one another.”

Credit: Kritter Klub

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