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This Pilot Traveled 400 Miles With An Old Dog To Find Him A Home Where He Can Be Cared For And Loved For The Rest Of His Life

Ashlyn was an elderly dog at a North Carolina shelter who wasn’t doing well. She was quite underweight and had sarcomas, which are malignant growths beneath the skin. However, it was not too late for her to strike gold.

When the New England Humane Society (NEHS) identified a suitable home for Ashlyn to spend the last few weeks of her life, all she needed was a means to get there. So Flying Fur Animal Rescue founder Paul Steklenski chose to fly her.

As Paul and Ashlyn flew together, he began to reflect on how this may be his final flight.

Although Paul is used to travelling with dogs in need to rescue them and place them in loving homes (he typically transports 15-30 pups per month), senior canines in particular hit Paul’s heart.

He explained to The Dodo:

“Those are the ones who draw your attention even more to what they are going through.”

Ashlyn was reluctant at the outset of the two-hour journey.

“She seemed a touch distant at first. She then opened up little and moved in closer ».

He surely made her feel better by giving her dog treats.

Paul stated:

“She handed me one paw first, then the other.” She then placed her head on my lap. That means a lot to me. That is all that is important. That is the prize in and of itself.”