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Man Found 2 Dogs In An Accident And Took Care Of Them While Their Parents Were In The Hospital

Matthew Van De Riet, a photographer from Nova Scotia, came upon the sorrowful eyes of a terrified basset dog in the middle of a roadway. The dog was sitting by the side of the road with a mournful expression on his face but appeared to be in decent physical shape. A automobile collision occurred a few meters later, from which the tiny dog and another dog appeared to have escaped unscathed.

Matthew had no idea that he would be caring for two apprehensive and scared canines who had been thrown from a vehicle due to a horrible accident that day. The man felt he had to help them, and furthermore, he was confident that it would brighten up the folks in the car with them a little, allowing them to focus on their recuperation.


Matthew noticed dust and debris surrounding a white sports vehicle a few yards ahead after locating the dog. The vehicle’s wheels were raised, and the roof collapsed. He saw a young couple inside the car soon; they had collided about 11 a.m. on a desolate section of roadway.

  After making sure someone would contact 911, Matthew pulled a first aid kit out of his truck and, with the help of another person, opened all of the gauze pads in his bag to help stop the female passenger’s bleeding. vehicle.

The guy explains:

“After loading the dog onto the vehicle, I began working with the owner.”


A nurse came at the scene and began checking on the wounded as the dogs, called Kipper and Merlin, waited inside Matthew’s truck. The guy thought about the dogs at that moment, since if the couple was taken to the hospital by ambulance or helicopter, their pets would be left alone.

The pair had only been in Nova Scotia for two months, and neither the man nor his girlfriend had any family there.

“I figured the very least I could do was bring those pets home with me. I knew the pups were in shock, and I also realized that if someone’s loved one was harmed in an accident, the last thing they needed to worry about was their pets.”


Kipper, a 10-year-old basset hound, and Merlin, a two-year-old shepherd-collie mix, were not the only puppies Matthew looked for. Each dog, as well as the dog beds, leashes, and toys he found in the destroyed automobile, was placed into the nice man’s truck.

Following that, he was in charge of transporting the injured guy to the hospital in his truck so that he would not be separated from his fiancée, since he was unable to accompany her in the air ambulance.