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A Man Constructs A Ramp To Allow His Girlfriend’s Elderly Dog Access To The Bed

Melissa resides in Louisville, Kentucky, and when she first met her boyfriend, James Killen, she joked that their future relationship would be determined by whether or not her cat loved her. But the small puppy cherished his partner, and James, no doubt, felt the same way.

Sammy is an adult dog, but he is very loving and lively, and his mother knows how much he loves humans, so he had nothing to be concerned about.

According to Melissa, who spoke to The Dodo:

I told him we wouldn’t see one other again if Sammy didn’t like it. I was somewhat joking, but that would absolutely be a red sign since Sammy loves everyone, but it takes him a while to get up to them.


Melissa and Sammy occasionally pay a visit to James’ place to watch movies with him and his girls. Even when his father and girlfriend are not around, the girls adore Sammy and take him to the movies with them.


Melissa recognized that her boyfriend’s bed was too high for her elderly dog, making it difficult for her to get to it, so she carried Sammy’s special steps to help her get there. James had a brilliant idea to provide them with a bit more comfort.


The man wanted to make his girlfriend and cat as comfortable as possible, so he understood they needed to find a solution.

According to James:

“I wanted to create some steps for Melissa so she wouldn’t have to drag the stairs for movie evenings.” Because I felt it would be easier on her hips and back, I chose a ramp.

James got right into the project with enthusiasm; at first, he considered creating a folding ramp to store it when they weren’t at home, but due to concerns about the elder dog’s safety, he decided to leave permanent access.

James continued:

“I can’t picture Melissa and Sammy not being a part of our life, therefore all we worry about is their safety.”


Melissa was ecstatic to see her boyfriend’s interest in Sammy when she first saw the ramp.

The lady stated:

“James built the ramp in late May, just days after we had been dating for four months. We’ve always knew this was meant for us, but this simply cemented it for me even more, especially when I realized it was now permanent.


Sammy is overjoyed and has mastered the art of using his ramp to get into bed with his favorite folks. Without a doubt, James saw how important the puppy is to his fiancée and wanted to demonstrate that he valued it as well.