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Since She Like So Much Sleeping In Lap Of Their Parents, They decided To Make A Fake Lap For Their Cat

Ziggy is a ten-year-old cat who has little regard for personal space.

Rebecca May and her husband rescued Ziggy and her sister Harley from a London shelter three years ago. And, while Ziggy can be shy at first, once she feels at ease, she isn’t afraid to express herself.

May told The Dodo, “When she bonds with someone, it’s just incredibly intense.” “She has to be sat on you,” says the narrator.


Ziggy is constantly on the search for a free seat. She’s already plotting her snuggle attack before her parents have even sat down.

“When she believes you’re ready to sit, her ears fall flat and her eyes go black,” May explained. “It’s almost as if your lap is a target, and whether you’re ready or not, she’s right on it.”

Ziggy always finds a way to be closer to her favorite persons if there isn’t a lap available for her.

May went on to say, “She will sit solidly on your back or balance precariously on your arm or shoulder.” “All she has to do now is focus on you.”


Ziggy’s parents have recently begun to work from home more frequently. This appeared to be good news to Ziggy, who began climbing all over her mother’s desk and computer keyboard right away.

May, on the other hand, needed to be able to use the computer and make phone calls in peace.

May put a cat bed on her desk to keep Ziggy near by, but it wasn’t enough. “We believe she requires warmth and protection,” May explained.

The pair tried everything to calm Ziggy down, but nothing worked.


Finally, May’s husband had an idea: if Ziggy is only content when he is sat on a lap, why not make a fake one?

He stuffed a heating pad into the lap of a pair of lounge pants to make them look like legs. He also added tennis shoe feet and a pillow stomach for good measure.


Ziggy jumped right onto the decoy’s lap and slept soundly for four hours.

“He thought it would be amusing to make a decoy, but I don’t think he anticipated it to work,” May added. “Harley was uninterested, but Ziggy was enthralled.”

“Our cat has become SUPER clingy now that we both work from home,” May captioned a photo of the decoy on Reddit. We had no choice but to improvise.” Cat owners praised their problem-solving skills and couldn’t wait to try it out for themselves.


While the synthetic lap has performed admirably, the May family recognizes that there is no substitute for the real thing.

May commented,

“I believe the trousers are a little too terrifying to have up all the time,” but “we’ll definitely put them back out when we have a big day of calls!”