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Shelter Finds A Home For Each Animal Up For Adoption And They Couldn’t Be Happier

Despite the confusion and unpredictability brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, Wisconsin locals banded together to support their neighborhood animal shelter. The Wisconsin Humane Society requested assistance for its animals from the general population.

The residents’ reaction didn’t take long to come, and the shelter made the findings public within a few days.

The happy news was announced on Facebook by shelter workers, who stated that all the animals had been adopted or placed in foster care.

Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society

In a Facebook post, the Wisconsin Humane Society stated:

Getting as many animals out of our shelters as we could will help us be ready for whatever obstacles tomorrow brings. This is really fantastic. We are going to weep. On March 15, we let our supporters know that we needed aid.

“In only 5 days, they adopted 159 animals and placed 160 animals in foster homes despite the pandemonium of a global epidemic.”

They thanked everyone and noted that 319 animals will be allowed to relax in cozy surroundings rather than kennels as a result of the assistance.

The lack of animals, which the shelter employees described as the most lovely sight at this time, makes them happy.

Even though there were no more pets available for adoption, new creatures kept coming in the days that followed.

Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society

According to the Wisconsin Humane Society:

You will see more postings as they become available since there will be more animals in need of our assistance throughout the next few days. For the time being, though, we rejoice in this outstanding accomplishment made during a very trying period.

There’s a good chance that many animal shelters require assistance in these challenging times brought on by the coronavirus epidemic. The shelter also addressed the entire community, thanking them for their cooperation and extending them a virtual brotherly embrace.

It has come to our attention that certain shelters have voiced concerns about their inability to provide for the animals under their care in their facilities.

Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society

Well, as a result of the steps made to combat the coronavirus, contributions and volunteerism have reduced as well as human trafficking.

According to Julie Castle, the Best Friends Animal Society’s director,

Because fewer people are visiting animal shelters currently, more dogs and cats are in need of homes across the nation. In some cases, this has forced animal shelters to temporarily close to the public.

Julie said that shelters are concerned about running out of room as a result of fewer adoptions and foster homes. She also urged everyone to adopt an animal from a local shelter to help ease the problem.

Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society