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Blind Dog Does The Best Reaction When Realized She Was Going To Her Favorite Park

Meet this adorable dog named Kida the Pyrenees. She has had a very tough life since she got blind because of a disease.

But she didn’t give up. Kida is so healthy and very active. She loves playing outside, running and going to the parks.

“We have to stay outside the dog park for her safety because of how other dogs react to her sometimes. But she has 4 best friends who come over for regular playdates. She has the yard layout memorized so she can run and play with them just like any sighted dog.”- her owner Allie Miller said.

So she decided to film her reaction when she realized that she was at her favorite park ever. After uploading the video, everyone has gone crazy about her lovely reaction.

“I still think it’s so crazy that so many people saw the video! I really love being able to answer people’s questions and help people realize that animals with “disabilities” can still live amazing lives. It’s also been great to have people reach out who also have blind dogs/are going through the process of enucleation and have questions that I can try to answer.”