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Puppy Still Leaves The Space To Sleep In His Bed To His Best Friend

George, Harry’s best buddy who was 9 years old, passed away over a year ago. He has kept the spot in the bed where they used to share it ever since.

Caitlin Wynne tweeted the tragic image of her dejected dog with the caption:

I’m inconsolable because George, who passed away over a year ago and is still there, was always allowed to sleep there.

Harry may be seen in the photo laying his head on a mat near where he used to sleep with George, who passed away at the young age of 15.

Twitter/ @caitlinwynne2

George and his family found their permanent home in 2004, when he was little over a year old, while Harry came as a puppy, according to Caitlin.

Twitter/ @caitlinwynne2

The two Lhasa Apso pals who are friends did everything together as they grew up, including playing, eating, and of course sleeping. Regrettably, George was found to have renal failure, and as a result of his failing condition, he had to be put to death.

Twitter/ @caitlinwynne2

For weeks, Harry grieved the loss of his best buddy and was inconsolable. She hasn’t stayed at George’s house again since then in the hopes that he may one day visit.

Twitter/ @caitlinwynne2

In her words:

The night before George passed away, I stayed up with Harry on the couch to keep him company. Harry was sobbing and wandering around the room; he didn’t sleep at all that night, as if he sensed something was wrong.

Twitter/ @caitlinwynne2