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Shelter Dog Spots Girl Having An Anxiety Attack And Rushes To Help

Was it just a case of being in the right place at the right time when Picaso rushed to rescue a girl who was experiencing an anxiety attack? Or was it just pure fate?

The Plott hound mix was discovered running down a street in Charleston, West Virginia, in November by a kind stranger. The dog was picked up and sent to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association by the man.


The dog was originally given the artist Pablo Picasso’s name by the employees. But due to an error, the shelter’s computer system misread his name and gave him the nickname Picaso. He had no microchip, no collar, and no one had come forward to claim him.


Picaso was in the shelter for 19 days while he was up for adoption.

His kind disposition and impeccable behavior were noted by everybody. He was able to walk in a neighborhood Christmas parade with other canines looking for homes thanks to it.

Volunteering at the shelter, Kim Vigneau walked Picaso in the activity. He hugged me right away when I first saw him, Vigneau told The Dodo. “He enjoys hugging people. He was so kind. That evening, I set out to find him a home.”


He was abruptly pulled to only one as Vigneau and Picaso maneuvered among the parade spectators lined the streets. Vigneau stated, “We were strolling in the middle of the road. “On the curb, a young woman was seated. She appeared to be disturbed. Picaso took the initiative and drew me over to her immediately. He supported her physically by resting his head against hers. The girl then grinned. Her body language indicated to me that he was assisting her.”

It was Abby Ellis, a 16-year-old girl. Ellis struggles with POTS, a medical ailment that affects her blood flow and makes her susceptible to fainting. She occasionally feels anxious about it.


According to Ellis, she can recall exactly how Picaso discovered her. She remarked, “I felt his nose on mine.” “I began to stroke him. I was secure. Mom questioned his name.”

Smoot learned the dog’s name, but her immediate objective was to return her daughter to the house. While Vigneau and Picaso reentered the parade, they departed. Smoot, though, was unable to stop thinking about the puppy. There was no question in Picaso’s mind that Ellis had visited the shelter the day before.

Picaso approached her quickly. “He gave me a hug. I was quite happy “stated Ellis.

Smoot immediately realized Picaso would be traveling with them. Smoot stated that Abby had been requesting a dog for more than a year. “Lord, please just show me a sign that Abby is ready for a puppy, I continued pleading. This was described as a wink from God. Certainly was. God smiled at us and granted our requests.”


Picaso was adopted by Ellis and her family after 20 days in the shelter.

Vigneau was able to assist Picaso in finding a new home, but it is obvious that he chose his family. “It was incredible. I suffer anxiety as well, so I am familiar with how an anxiety attack feels. I believe it’s excellent that this subject is being discussed by everyone,” Vigneau remarked.


Smoot believes that they did not run across Picaso by accident. Ellis dislikes crowded places. She insisted on attending to the parade that night though.

It was intended to happen, Smoot stated.