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Playing in The Wind Chimes Every Day So This Doggo Can Sing Along With It

Meet Bleu, a lovely puppy with a unique musical ability.

The 4-year-old golden retriever can not only sing, but she also plays an odd instrument: wind chimes.

Bleu has been polishing her musical abilities since she was a youngster and came onto what would become her favorite toy.


Ana Brown, Bleu’s mother, was cleaning up outdoors when she relocated the flower-holding garden hook to the rear. To get them out of the way, she put some ancient wind chimes on the hook, and baby Bleu was instantly captivated with the metal tubes.

Brown told The Dodo, “When she was really, really small, like 4 months old, she stepped outdoors and her head smacked the wind chimes because they were down so low.” “We were sort little scared out because we thought it would be bad for her hearing — but she simply started singing.”

Bleu has made it a daily ritual to go outside and play the chimes while wiggling her tail and tilting her head back to sing along. “When she looks at you and sings, beating her head against the wind chimes,” Brown added, “it’s the most wonderful thing.”

Brown said, “I’m not sure if she likes the sound or if she realizes she can play it herself.” “It’s almost as though she’s trying to stay on top of it.”

Bleu’s distinct talent has also garnered her a sizable following on social media. Brown shared a video of Bleu and her wind chimes on Facebook in June, and it got 100,000 views within 24 hours.

Bleu’s video has already received over 19.7 million views, and her mother is receiving comments from all around the world.

Blue Loves so much playing with the wind chimes he don’t have time to do anything else.