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A Sumatran Tiger Is Born In A Zoo After Years Without Registering A Birth Of The Species

Did you know that less than 500 wild Sumatran tigers remain? It is one of the species that are in grave risk of going extinct globally, according to this disturbing statistic.

The issue has gotten so bad because poachers have been stalking this cat on the Indonesian island of Sumatra for years, killing them for their skin, claws, and fangs, which are utilized in traditional Asian medicine in Malaysia, China, Japan, and other Asian nations.

Additionally, the habitat of these massive living things is being steadily destroyed by the careless logging of trees, which also deprives them of food for survival.

Despite the cub’s January birth, the zoo announced on social media that “extraordinary steps were made to keep the mother and infant separated to minimize external stress.”

Despite the fact that no specimen should be held captive in these locations but should instead be living in its environment, the birth of this kid is a great development for the species. According to estimates, there are just 72 of these cats living in zoos in the United States, and their last birth was in 2019.

The young girl is still without a name, and to choose her, a competition will be launched in conjunction with the “Tiger Conservation Campaign,” which aims to raise money to preserve endangered animals alive.