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Camera Catches Homeless Man Throwing The Sweetest Birthday Party For His Dog

Just because someone is in a bad situation doesn’t imply they aren’t in love.

Look no farther than this homeless man named Choco and his two adorable puppies, Shaggy and Nena, to prove it.

Following the completion of the video, the person who was shooting contacted Choco to discover his name and story, as well as offer assistance to him and his dogs. However, many more individuals would follow suit when the video was shared online.

Choco, it turns out, has been living on the streets for some years after fleeing an abusive family. While doing so, he ensures that Shaggy and Nena are never left hungry.

Strangers are now assisting him in his endeavors.

Several good Samaritans have moved forward to assist Choco and his dogs in regaining their footing.

And the park where he hangs out has become a meeting area for other animal lovers who have come to give food and supplies — as well as have Choco pose for photos with their own dogs.