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Camera Catches Dog Bringing His Bed To His Sick Brother So He’s Comfy

Spanky has admired and looked up to his older brother Roman from the day they were born. He always follows Roman around and is at his happiest when they’re together.

Jackie Rogers, Roman and Spanky’s aunt, told The Dodo, “Roman is undoubtedly Spanky’s security blanket.” “Spanky won’t do anything until Roman is close by, and if he isn’t, Spanky gets up and walks up to him.”


Roman’s ear became bloated and infected around two weeks ago, so his mother took him to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with a hematoma. They arranged a surgery to fix it, but Roman’s ear continued to deteriorate as he awaited the procedure, making him increasingly uncomfortable.


Spanky didn’t realize anything was unusual at first, but as Roman’s ear became worse, everyone observed how gentle and worried Spanky was about his closest buddy.

“We had to take him back to the vet to check he could wait five more days for surgery, and I brought Spanky along for the journey,” Rogers explained. “However, owing to COVID, we couldn’t go inside with Roman, so Spanky remained in the car crying/whining/barking for 20 minutes until Roman returned.”


All the family could do for Roman now that the procedure was arranged was to let him relax. The family has a Ring camera set up throughout the day so they can check in on the dogs while everyone is at work, which is especially crucial now that Roman is missing. Rogers was just checking the video when she observed Spanky staring at his sibling, who was sleeping on the floor and looking concerned — and then he did the greatest thing.

“I watch Spanky pacing for a minute while staring at Roman and then the bed, and then I see him pulling the bed to Roman and practically saying, ‘This is for you,’ and then the next footage is them hugging,” Rogers said. “I had to watch it several times because I couldn’t believe he accomplished it!”

Because Spanky cares for his older brother and wants him to be as comfortable as possible, he carried his bed to him so he wouldn’t have to move.