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To Ensure That He Is Not Abandoned Again, The Rescue Dog Keeps His Paw On The New Owner At All Times

A little amount of love can go a long way, and it’s sometimes all it takes to change a shy, terrified puppy into an affectionate, trusting companion. When Sam Clarence acquired Stanley from a bully breed rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand, that’s precisely what occurred. Stanley was discovered as a stray at the age of six months, living with his sister and mother on an abandoned farm.

Clarence volunteered as a dog walker at a local shelter and was invited to foster one of the puppies for a few weeks. He had no idea that this foster puppy would become his most devoted friend. While Clarence fell in love at first sight, Stanley was not so lucky. He was afraid, and just getting out of the car took him an hour.

CREDIT: Sam Clarence

Every day, Clarence worked with him, assisting him in adjusting to his new life and living situation. He came to have complete faith in Clarence, to the point that the two of them were always touching.

CREDIT: Sam Clarence

He’d always have at least one paw on Clarence’s back as he laid behind him. When they’re on the road, Stanley makes sure to keep a close eye on Clarence. When Clarence moves, Stanley follows suit. He is a very affectionate dog who does not hide his feelings.