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The Dog Will Not Be Carried Unless It Is Supported By A Pillow

Madi, who is 11 years old, has always been known for having a strong personality, as everyone who knows her knows she always gets what she wants. Madi is quite selective, according to her mother, Serena Hodson, and only likes a few individuals in her life.

Serena explained to The Dodo:

“One minute she’s beautiful and wants all the embraces in the world, and the next she doesn’t want anything to do with you.” She’s a bit snarky, and if things don’t go her way, she’ll have a strange attitude! ”


Madi despises being carried and will refuse to be held whenever possible; yet, given to her size, it is hard to avoid charging her.


Madi prefers to spend her time in bed or on the sofa with her mother, but she is unable to do it alone. Serena had previously wrapped a blanket around Madi to elevate her and prevent her dog from nipping her, but that tactic was quickly abandoned.


Serena’s boyfriend came up with the idea of utilizing the elevator with a cushion one day, and Madi seemed to like it. When the dog tries to go on the bed or the sofa after that, her mother places a pillow on the floor and picks it up.

Madi hops on the pillow every time she sees it and then rides it to her goal, as if it were a personal elevator.

Serena continued:

“It’s strange because Madi doesn’t know any tricks or even how to sit when requested, but she was able to speak with her and tell her that she needed to sit on the pillow to be lifted if she wanted to climb on the sofa or bed.”


It’ll be interesting to watch what happens when they hoist Madi since she gets so happy when she sees the cushion that she wanders around the room to display her excitement. Serena occasionally uses the dog’s bed as an elevator, but it always works the same way, as long as Madi isn’t loaded.


Madi does allow herself to be held and held on rare occasions, but only when she believes the conditions are perfect.

Serena remarked:

“If I slip my hand under her tummy gently and stoop so that they don’t lift it to my height, she will sometimes let me carry her.” In any case… He prefers to use the elevator.


Madi is a big dog with a big personality, and her family loves her just the way she is, despite her erratic behavior.