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Pilot Was Battling Massive Wildfire But An Wild Owl Decided To Make Him A Good Company

Meet Dan Alpiner who is a helicopter pilot. He has been battling massive wildfire in California. But one day he got stunned by something he saw. “I saw this flutter out of the corner of my eye,” Alpiner told The Dodo.

“I looked over, a little spooked, and we locked eyes.”

Pilot noticed a wild owl entering the aircraft. The owl decided to seat next to Alpiner.

“He just kind of chilled out,” Alpiner said. “I was really surprised. He was super friendly — like he just wanted to say hi.”

But later owl decided to fly out the window. Alpiner’s not sure what to make of that unbelievable encounter.

“I’m still trying to comprehend it. It was just unreal,” Alpiner said.

“It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of things.”

This was such a cute moment that Alpiner will never forget.