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On A Minnesota Lake, A ‘Super Mom’ Was Seen With 56 Ducklings In Tow

Brent Cizek, a wildlife photographer, chose to go photographing in the north Minnesota lakes. He hoped to get some close-up shots of animals in their natural habitat. Brent, on the other hand, had no idea how close he’d become. Cizek told MNN, “Well, it wasn’t the best idea because it was pretty windy that day and the waves were throwing my boat about in whatever way it wanted to.” “I chose to keep going despite the fact that I was unlikely to see anything, let alone be able to snap a shot in the rough water.”

Credit: Brent Cizek

He steers his little boat along the coast after a cruise on the lake. He noticed what appeared to be a slew of people the following second. When he got closer, he noticed a mother duck and a few ducklings. The only difference is that the few became a few dozen. “As I drew closer, my heart began to race since I had never seen anything like this before,” the photographer stated. “As I approached, the group decided to start swimming back out into the lake, and ‘Mama Merganser’ took the lead, pulling the chicks after her.

Credit: Brent Cizek

I knew this was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity, so I fired off as many photographs as I could, hoping that at least one of them would work out.”

A whopping 56 ducklings were behind the amazing duck mom. He adds, “I found one image that was in focus and that I simply adored.” “I thought it would perform well on social media, so I immediately uploaded it.” And it wasn’t long before his photo went popular on social media.

Credit: Brent Cizek

Here you can see the adorable video: