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This Duck Consoles A Sad Dog That Has Lost A Companion

This is the story of George, a dog from Tennessee (USA) who was devastated by the death of his best buddy Blackie, a 12-year-old Labrador, until he met an odd companion who has been his bigger source of comfort.

George’s mother, Jacquie Litton, believed that he would be able to recover from the sadness created by his friend’s leaving. But all changed when his new and strange life companion arrived.

This friendly duck landed suddenly on George’s front porch two years after Blackie’s death, and has been the one to provide George calm, hope, and a new cause to be glad ever since, as well as becoming a new family member.

On Facebook, Jacquie wrote:

“We have no idea where this duck came from, but he must like George, since George hasn’t cried since the duck arrived.” It’s weird that a duck would show up at our house and be tied to a dog, and it’s even stranger that it happened the week following Blackie’s death.

Jacquie claims that before the emergence of the feathers, George:

«He was on the verge of death on two occasions. He didn’t eat anything. He was hungry, anxious, and suffering from a variety of ailments as a result of his self-chewing.’

Now, George and Donald, as the duck was dubbed, are inseparable and even share a bed.

It’s fascinating to observe how two very different species can coexist in such a natural way.

These two pals were intended to meet, without a doubt.