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Meet Loki, A Lovely Black Raven That Had Chronic Anxiety And Was Aggressive But Now Loves To Cuddle And Has A Best Friend

Meet Loki, a lovely black raven from Essex, England. He lives with his owner Elliot Manarin and they are best friends forever.

Their beautiful friendship has melted everyone’s heart in the Internet.

Loki’s owner passed away and he became an orphan but Elliot loved him since the first day and now they are a family.

This black raven has had health conditions. He was aggressive because of chronic anxiety. Also he was so weak and scared of people.

But now Loki has changed a lot. He loves to cuddle, likes to play around and to make conversations with Elliot.

The raven always has something to say, leading to the iconic “click” and “gwah” exclamations.

Their friendship is the cutest, right?