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Despite His Differences, Brodie Found A Home And Will Work As A Therapy Dog

Brodie is a loving dog, despite the fact that his beginnings were difficult because his mother assaulted him when he was only 13 days old, disfiguring his face and leaving him half blind. Although he may not have the same appearance as others, he is still lovely, and he is well on his way to being the ideal therapy dog.

This puppy, which is one year old, is a Picasso masterpiece. Brodie’s lovely demeanor instantly melts the hearts of everyone.


The dog had found a family after his mother was attacked, but he was subsequently returned to the MacDonald Kennels rescue group in Alberta, Canada, on the grounds that he was too energetic.

Thankfully, he has finally met the proper people, who have learnt to love him unconditionally. Brodie’s tale was shared on the internet, and the pair did not hesitate to travel to the shelter right away.


Amanda expressed herself as follows:

“He’s undoubtedly energetic, but he’s also quite intelligent. His intellect is fine, and he frequently learns tricks in under ten minutes, which tells me he’s a brilliant child.


Brodie has over 160,000 Instagram followers, with whom he often shares updates about his life. One of the released photographs shows it as a puppy, and it is very gorgeous.

Amanda, according to Bored Panda, said:

“One day, we aim to train him to be a therapy dog so he may assist other people with impairments,” said the family.


Brodie clearly required patience and willingness. He is now being educated to assist others and has shown to be quite intelligent and practical.


Many people have been moved by the story of this small puppy to adopt and love animals in need, particularly those with unique needs who are frequently rejected.