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Before Leaving, A Giraffe Grants The Last Desire Of The Man Who Saved His Life

Few things in life are more wonderful than developing a personal relationship with an animal. Fortunately, Mario Ejis spent his finest years caring for giraffes and assisting them in growing up healthy and happy. Unfortunately, he was afflicted with an aggressive type of cancer one day and was forced to retire. Nothing felt more agonizing to him than having to walk away from what was clearly his life’s passion.Z

Credit: Mario Ejis

Mario struggled for his life and endured a variety of therapies for a few months. Regrettably, nothing appeared to work. The cancer had already progressed to the fatal stage, and it was time to start preparing for the inevitable. Mario was unable to move or speak normally in his final months. Nonetheless, she made it a point to tell her family and friends what her final request would be. She wished to bid farewell to the giraffes, particularly one who had become her greatest friend.

Credit: Mario Ejis

Her health was concerning when this adorable giraffe was born. Everything suggested that it would not endure more than a couple of days, but Mario managed to survive owing to his commitment and care. Mario never ceased caring about her throughout the years. Every day, he made certain that he had enough food and that he lived a comfortable and happy life. The giraffe, on the other hand, constantly thanked him with loving kisses.

Credit: Mario Ejis

The Ambulance Wish Foundation agreed to assist Mario in his final days. They carried him to the Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo on a stretcher. From there, he was able to enjoy a few moments of amazing serenity while thinking about his favorite animals.

“The giraffe recognized his pal right away.”

Credit: Mario Ejis

All of the giraffes got closer to him with great interest, but one in particular did not hesitate to take a few extra seconds to thank his old buddy for all of his care.

“A lovely tale of friendship.”

Credit: Mario Ejis

In other circumstances, the people in charge would have taken more measures, but they all recognized that the bond between the two was so strong that the giraffe would never hurt its devoted guardian. The giraffe approaches Mario’s face with care and kisses him farewell.

«This is the most genuine love there is»