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When Donkey Finally Gets His Freedom After 8 Years Of Being Chained, He Brays With Joy

Leonardo is a donkey that lived in terrible conditions in a Seville town, but now, due to the intervention of the Fundación Santuario Gaia, he finally understands what it’s like to be free after being chained for eight years. The sanctuary has greeted him, and the emotional moment of his arrival was more than moving; it seems that Leonardo had been looking forward to his release, and he can only smile.

The donkey belonged to a family who lived in social exclusion and was forced to leave their home due to conflicts with their neighbors.


Santuario Gaia has uploaded a touching video on social media in which the donkey brays with joy after being freed by the volunteers and hearing that he would never be tied up again; it appears as though he knows that he is truly free, loved, and protected.

The shelter said on its Facebook page, “In a message placed on its Facebook account, the sanctuary wrote:

«For him, the first few days have been full of surprises. I’ve never met so many different animals in my life, and it’s always a party. He is looking forward to being with the rest of the donkeys, and he gets thrilled when he sees the cows and bulls, pigs, and even the birds. And the most lovely thing is seeing him so relaxed while basking in the sun.

The life of this donkey, according to Gaia Sanctuary, has been harsh and dangerous. He’s been cooped up for the past eight years, with little sustenance and practically no hydration. As a result of all of this, he has a variety of health issues.

His eyes are seriously afflicted by uveitis, an infection of the central layer of the eye, as well as an ulcer in the left eye; his skin is in bad shape, and his limbs are covered with scabs and sores; and his skin is in bad shape.


The sanctuary also included the following:

“His wounds are mending appropriately, and his eye ulcer is healing nicely. We hope you will regain some of your vision and be able to properly perceive the paradise you are in. Despite the fact that he already knows nothing unpleasant will happen to him here and that he will live the rest of his life as he deserves.