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Cute Kitten Named Lady Purrl With Twisted Legs Is Now Running And Climbing Again- She Is Happy!

Meet this cute kitten named Lady Purrl. She has twisted legs and it was rescued.

Shannon Basner, the founder of Mojo’s Hope has given much information about the little cat.

She has said that kitten’s legs weren’t her only problem.

“The vet team did not have high hopes for her and were very concerned about her quality of life,” Basner told Bored Panda. “They were not really familiar with who we were and how powerful our mission is. Once I spoke with the vet and explained the work we do with each of these unique animals, she proceeded with her exam.”
Basner has also added that Lady Purrl had diarrhea and fracture in her spine.

“When we got her into our regular vet, she spoke with a specialist and it was confirmed her condition was congenital. Her spine was very fragile and there were concerns if jolted it could cause paralysis or even death,” Basner said.

But now the cute kitten is healthy. She likes to play around and to climb trees.

Lady Purrl is being herself now! Finally!