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Every Night, Until His Mother Puts Him To Bed, This Dog Will Not Sleep

Fusion is a kind and clever border collie who knows over 150 instructions. His adoptive mother, Steffi Trott, has been a dog trainer for seven years, but the finest trick this dog knows he picked up on his own. Fusion won’t sleep unless his mother tucks him in every night.


According to Steffi, who spoke to The Dodo,

“Either at work or resting, or playing Frisbee or practicing canine agility or learning tricks, we spend all day, every day together.”


Fusion wants to sleep in his own area at night; he has two dog siblings that share his bed with his mother, but this furry one prefers his own space and blanket, yet he always expects to be accommodated by his family before retiring.


The adorable dog has made it a nighttime ritual.

Steffi explains:

“At first, my 10-year-old son insisted on tucking Fusion in; I believe Fusion enjoyed it.” It’s now a regular part of our evening routine.


It’s incredibly adorable.

Steffi expressed herself as follows:

“The other two [dogs] climb on the bed, but Fusion simply stands next to his bed, waiting and watching for me to come in and put him in.”


Fusion places a high value on his nighttime ritual, and he will not sleep unless his mother makes his bed and covers him with her blanket.


Steffi continued:

“The other night, one of the other dogs walked downstairs and laid down on his bed, staring at me until I got up and bought him another dog bed.”

You can see the routine of Fusion and his mother in this video: