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A Homeless Dog Appears To Be Begging For Attention From A Motorcycle Courier

Thanks to a viral video in which he demonstrates his kindness to a biker traveling through the region where he resides, a seemingly homeless dog has become a social media celebrity.

Unlike most dogs that follow bicycles or motorcyclists in the hopes of making them uncomfortable, this little dog opted to do the exact opposite.

Danilo Ricci, who was driving about in his automobile in the western area of Sao Paulo, was given a pleasant surprise. While waiting at a stoplight, he was instantly drawn to an obviously homeless dog approaching a house.


Instead of barking when the traffic light changed, the dog stood in front and requested the guy to pat him for many minutes.


Danilo was affected, so he decided to film the event while singing a portion of the samba musician Arlindo Cruz’s song “Ser um é amor.”

The puppy received a lot of affection from the messenger as they waited for the traffic light to change.


In the video, Danilo says:

“Look at her face!” As the signal changes, the infant develops a lot of attachment.

When the traffic light finally changed, the guy assumed the dog would follow him, but the dog slowly and gently returned to the sidewalk.

Take a look at this lovely video:

Danilo, on the other hand, resolved to return the next day in order to discover the scene’s protagonist and succeeded. Surprisingly, Danilo was approached by a loving small dog named Nego, who did not hesitate to lavish him with kisses and pats on the head.


Danilo discovered Nego had a family after more investigation; his mother’s name is Andressa, and he has four siblings: Nega, Pandora, Pingo, and Betoven. The charming family lives in a nearby square, and because they have few financial means, they rely on donations from the public.


In general, the woman is usually at the traffic signal, asking passers-by for assistance, and Nego is always there to assist her. Even the lovely small puppy rushes at the doors of the automobiles, begging for assistance in order to provide their daily meal.


Danilo was affected by Andressa’s tale and decided to aid her by posting a video on Instagram begging for help.

The man believed that, because of Nego’s social media prominence, this would be the greatest method to assist his family.


Nego and his family are hoping that others who watch the film would reach out and assist them in any way they can.

Nego has without a doubt gotten her family the help they require, and their condition will very likely change.