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Six Black Bears Have A Pool Party In Family’s Backyard

A Mama bear and her five adorable cubs took refuge from the sweltering heat in Rockaway Township, New Jersey by taking a dip in the Basso family’s backyard pool.

The family was surprised to see the bear family using their pool to take a dip. The bears had a great time using the waterslide, playing with the backyard swing set and even wrestling with each other.

The family’s young daughter Sophie wasn’t too impressed by the bears antics and didn’t like them playing with her toys crying, “They took my floatie!” Dad isn’t too impressed either. But mom is quite amazed by the experience and tells her family “Let the animals enjoy themselves.”

Watch part two – rest assured mama didn’t hurt herself. Whew! She and her cubs stay for a few minutes longer, enjoying their dip.

It’s a lot of fun watching the bears getting into everything and playing in their backyard, just like kids would!

Eventually mama and her cubs continued on their way. What an incredible moment!