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On New Year’s Eve, A Family Dog That Had Been Abandoned Refused To Leave Her Blanket

The family dumped their garbage and undesired things in the alleyway behind their house before leaving their Dallas neighborhood. Unfortunately, one item they no longer wanted was their puppy, so they abandoned her and her blanket on the street.

Marina Tarashevska, creator of Dallas DogRRR, went for a stroll in her neighborhood on New Year’s Day, the day after the dog’s owners vanished, and spotted the abandoned puppy clinging to the blanket.


Patti Dawson, executive director of Dallas DogRRR, told The Dodo, “It was extremely chilly and wet, and the dog was resting on her blanket — and she wouldn’t leave it.” “I believe she still expected her family to return.” ‘I’ll simply wait here,’ she was thinking. ‘I’m sure I’ve seen something like this before.’

Tarashevska sought to rescue the dog after chatting with concerned neighbors and discovering the canine’s tragic background. It wasn’t simple, though.


“Marina would flee if she went close to that blanket,” Dawson explained.

Tarashevska had an idea when the dog constantly returned to the blanket after Tarashevska had fled. Tarashevska now dragged the blanket down the passageway toward her own house whenever the dog bolted.

After nearly an hour of this, the blanket — and the dog — arrived at Tarashevska’s backyard, where Tarashevska was able to grab the dog and place her into a cage.

Camilla, the dog’s new name, was scared.


Dawson described her as “basically curled up in a ball at the rear of the crate.” “You could reach out and touch her, but she was paralyzed with terror.” She avoided eye contact and kept her head down. If you came too close to her, she’d shove her head into the kennel’s back, as if to say, ‘Don’t look at me, don’t make eye contact with me, don’t touch me.’ ‘Get out of here.’

Camilla also had new cuts on her neck and ears, which Tarashevska noticed and rushed her to the doctor right away.


Dawson explained, “The doctor indicated it was either an implanted collar or she was probably kept outside.” “The only other possibility was that she had gotten into a battle with a dog when she went outdoors.” There are a lot of stray animals around, so it’s possible they got into a fight for food.”

Camilla had neck surgery and is now on the mend – not just physically, but mentally as well.


Dawson remarked, “She’s doing fantastic.” “Her personality is gradually emerging, and she is beginning to trust.”

Camilla is now in a foster family, where she is receiving a lot of love and care – and she is changing dramatically.

“You can see a distinct expression on her face now that she’s sitting up,” Dawson added. “Now she’s genuinely looking for her foster mother, something she wasn’t doing before.”

“She’s starting to cuddle,” Dawson added, “and she’ll nose-butt your hand to encourage you to pat her.” “As a result, she’s suddenly seeking out attention, which is tremendous. They said she had just played with her first toy.”

Camilla will remain in foster care for a little longer to allow her to recuperate, but she will be available for adoption shortly.

“We have no idea what she was going through before we found her,” Dawson explained. “It will take some time for her to understand she is in a secure setting.” But she’s gradually changing her mind.”