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A Man Discovers A Baby Monkey On The Ground And Reunites It With Its Worried Mother

Igor Venâncio was strolling near his home in Brazil last week when he observed a bunch of kids gathered around something on the sidewalk.

Venâncio discovered it was a little newborn marmoset — a sort of monkey unique to the area — lying miserably on the ground as he approached closer.

Then he observed her frightened mother, who was perched on a limb above him.


Venâncio encouraged the youngsters to give her space because he suspected the baby’s mother was apprehensive to fetch her due of the gathering. Mom, on the other hand, seems hesitant to approach.

As a result, Venâncio made the decision to organize the reunion himself.

Venâncio told The Dodo, “Acting on impulse, I took the infant to her parent.” “A car or a cat could have gone by, and the story might not have ended happily.”

It was, instead, thanks to Venâncio.

Here’s a video of that moment:

The family was once again complete, as shown by their chorus of joyful squeaks.


After that terrifying encounter, mother and baby were reunited and retreated into the safety of the treetop. Venâncio, on the other hand, received a glance from Mom that he will never forget.

He remarked, “I saw appreciation in her eyes.” “It made me feel like I was part of nature.”