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In Her Kitchen, A Woman Discovers A Strange Little Animal Napping

A scream jolted Kim Fryer out of her bed on December 15. Her daughter was face to face with a hairy tiny critter curled up on top of the microwave as she rushed downstairs.

His velvety red coat and bushy tail gave him identify, even though he was about the size and shape of one of the Fryers’ five cats.

“When I got down there, I saw this tiny fox curled up on top of the microwave!” Fryer explained. “Obviously, I have a cat flap since I have five cats and a dog. He had to go below the fence and via the cat flap.”

Credit: RSPCA

The fox had created a mess trying to find the warmest area in the house, but the Fryer family was more concerned about the fox’s welfare than the tipped-over houseplants.

Fryer stated, “A couple of my plants were destroyed, and there was muck everywhere.” “My daughter turned on the light, and one of his eyes opened, but he remained still. We could sense something wasn’t right with him.”

Fryer contacted the RSPCA, which sent the stray fox to London’s Putney Animal Hospital for a check-up and observation. Despite the fact that the small animal, called Mr. Fox by the staff, was weak and sluggish at first, he soon improved in the hospital.

Credit: RSPCA

A hospital spokeswoman stated, “He was fairly glad to be brought in to the hospital for a health check but was obviously not thrilled about being in a cage.” “Fortunately, he was in good health and had a lovely fluffy coat.”

Mr. Fox was allowed back into the general area around the Fryer family’s house once the staff was satisfied that nothing was wrong.

Credit: RSPCA

Hopefully, after his adventure, he would reconsider following the neighborhood cats home.