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In The Rain, A Photographer Notices Frogs Sharing A Sweet Hug To Flowers

Ajar  has been fascinated by the hidden lives of the wild creatures and reptiles that reside near his home in Bogor, Indonesia, since he was a boy.

Years ago, he was inspired by this interest to pick up a camera in order to capture the distinctive snakes, frogs, lizards, birds, and insects he’d spent hours viewing.


And after so much time behind the camera, he’s mastered the art of capturing these elusive little creatures in emotive, almost human moments.

Ajar enjoys watching the white tree frogs, sometimes known as dumpy tree frogs, take cover under the greenery when it rains.


He was outside after a storm in February when he spotted one frog tenderly shielding another from the elements as they sought cover under a flower parasol.

He took a picture and understood right away that it was a great occasion. Ajar told The Dodo, “I could only get a few frames because this moment can’t be recreated.”


It takes a lot of time to capture these magical connections, but Ajar believes it’s always worth it. Ajar explained, “I let the animals act.” “All I’m waiting for is the best opportunity.”


Ajar doesn’t mind getting a little drenched if it means seeing nature at its most beautiful.