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Blind Golden Retriever Has His Own Sight Buddy For Life

In the shape of another puppy dog, a blind golden retriever dog has his own “seeing eye.” The dog is literally a pair of eyes for the blind golden retriever. Tao and Oko are the names of the dogs.

Because of their heartwarming friendship, the two have become internet celebrities. Their friendship is just one of countless examples of animal purity.

Due to glaucoma, Tao had both of his eyes removed. This is a disease that affects the optic nerves, which are responsible for the dog’s ability to see. Regardless of his condition, the golden retriever is content with his life thanks to his loyal companion, Oko. Oko is Tao’s’seeing-eye’ dog who assists him in navigating and having fun.

Melanie Jackson is the proprietor of Tao. In February of this year, she noticed her dog was suffering from health concerns. The owner told LAD Bible that she had observed her dog was in distress. The dog was clawing his eyes, she said. In addition, the dog was in the most discomfort at night. As a result, she hurried her dog to the veterinarian.

Tao was diagnosed with glaucoma around that time. She characterized the dog’s discomfort as a hundred times worse than a migraine. Unfortunately, the pressure in his right eye was too much, and it had to be removed.

She also noticed that Tao was neither happy or amused by the fact that he had lost his sight. Melanie brought Oko home to give Tao the finest quality of life possible. Oko would guide Tao and assure him of his company’s safety. Oko had later joined Tao in his life. However, the two have forged an unbreakable friendship and are lifelong buddies.

Oko is the ideal assistant for Tao. It’s almost as if he belongs to the dog! Regardless of his condition, he entertains and keeps his blind pal occupied. Tao was able to quickly adjust to the traumatic change in his life, thanks in large part to Oko.

This is a level of friendship that will make you cry. Here’s another tissue paper box to add to your collection if you don’t already have one.