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Sick Little Cat Won’t Sleep Without Her Toy Named Lamby Beans

Meet this beautiful kitten named Matilda. She has had a very tough life because of her health conditions.

Matilda was born with an upper respiratory infection. Eventually, the kitten was getting worse.

But a great nurse named Ashley Kelley helped the cute Matilda. Now the cat is feeling healthy again.

She found a new friend as well- a cute stuffed toy named Lamby Beans.

“Matilda Beans was 9 days old when I met her. She was part of a litter who came into our rescue a bit sick with an upper respiratory infection (URI), but since she was the runt, it hit her very hard. Everyone else improved, but she only got sicker and sicker until it got to a really critical point.”, Ashley told Bored Panda.

Now Matilda is healthy and happy again. Not just that, but she is looking for a loving family.