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Cat Was Terrified of Leaving Her Hiding Place, But When She Found Her Forever Humans…

Meet Symphony!

CREDIT: Purrfect Pals

Symphony was rescued together with 46 other abandoned cats and kittens in terrible conditions.

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued the cats and contacted local rescue groups for assistance. Symphony, two years old, and ten of her feline companions were taken in by Purrfect Pals, a rescue in Arlington, Washington, where they received medical treatment, food, and plenty of love.

Symphony, who was terrified when she arrived to the rescue, required a great deal of socializing. Purrfect Pals tells Love Meow, “Symphony came in terrified, shy, under-socialized, unspayed, and with an upper respiratory illness.”

The Siamese cat couldn’t accept love, but the rescuers were determined to help her change her mind.

CREDIT: Purrfect Pals

“She’d come from a hoarding situation where many of the cats had passed, and she’d produced two kittens but didn’t know how to care for them,” Lia, a Purrfect Pals volunteer, explained to Love Meow.

Symphony was placed in foster care right away because she required a lot of socializing. “She spent time in the Monroe Reformatory in our intensive socialization program with an inmate who was specifically educated in working with these cats, and it worked wonders for her.”

CREDIT: Purrfect Pals

Symphony was finally ready for adoption after months of fostering. Lia and her husband Larry, both volunteers at the rescue, greeted her with wide arms when she arrived at the adoption facility.

“Symphony was the only cat on Monday. I wanted to bring her home for the holidays so she could be cared for and watched over. That morning, I fell in love with her. She cuddled up to my arm and burrowed in “Love Meow was informed by Lia.

“She arrived with a handwritten note from the prisoner who had assisted her in socialization, detailing how she needed to be loved and handled tenderly, as well as given plenty of toys and allowed to play with her. My heart sank, and I knew we had to get her back to us.”

CREDIT: Purrfect Pals

The bashful adorable girl wrapped her paws around Larry’s neck the moment they met, and Larry instantly melted. They were aware that she had chosen that location for her family.

“While Lia worked on the adoption paperwork, Larry held Symphony and told her that she would be secure with them forever. Symphony clearly selected her people and is in her ideal home, as seen by her quick bond to Larry and Lia “ Purrfect Pals expressed their thoughts.

CREDIT: Purrfect Pals

Symphony has flourished in her new forever home. She’s emerged from her shell and made friends with two other cats. The kitten who was previously frightened and timid is no longer with us. Symphony is currently purring loudly in the midst of love.

“Moments like these, when a kitten who has had such a long, difficult path to adoption gets that wonderful, loving, real forever home, nourish our spirits and provide light in the dark.”

CREDIT: Purrfect Pals