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Hundreds Of Live Birds Stuffed In Tiny Cages Are Discovered By Heroes

Over 500 little lives have been spared thanks to brave undercover rescuers who stormed a market in Asia where live animals are sometimes sold as pets.

On Sunday, wildlife officials in West Bengal rescued 550 protected Indian birds that had been imprisoned in small metal cages.

Birds like the parakeet, Asian koel, and hill myna were among those forced to live in such claustrophobic surroundings. These species can survive in captivity, but they flourish in the wild, where traffickers are capturing and selling them as pets on a regular basis.

Almost all of the birds implicated in this case have been turned over to professional vets who will be able to bring them back to health, thanks to the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau. Unfortunately, some freshly hatched chicks were also discovered in the cages and passed away of the harsh conditions.

West Bengal has recently emerged as a key crossroads for wildlife traffickers looking to catch and sell live animals. Fortunately, officials have already detained nine persons in connection with this crime, and they will be appearing in court soon.

And, despite everything that has happened to them, these formerly imprisoned birds will remain free.