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Kitten Found Near Forest All Alone, Climbs on Cyclists and Won’t Let Go

When a couple was out bicycling, they heard a loud noise on the side of the road. They came to a halt to investigate and discovered an abandoned kitten.

Credit: Céline @tartemadame

Céline and her hubby Daniel were out riding in central Brittany, France, when they came upon a little calico wandering alone.

Céline told Love Meow, “We were on a very peaceful road traveling through a forest with no homes around when we suddenly heard a loud screaming noise coming from a patch of bracken (fern) on the side of the road.”

“We initially assumed it was a bird, so we came to a halt and investigated the source of the noise. And there she was, a scared little cat begging for help.”

The kitten was distressed and refused to approach the pair. Céline sat down on the ground and spoke sweetly to her, attempting to earn her trust. When the kitten understood the couple had no intentions of harming her, she approached Céline and declared her need for hugs.

Credit: Céline @tartemadame

“She was not going to abandon me. She was sobbing and crawling on me (with her claws) “Céline said. “We realized we had to attempt to get her back home at that moment.”

It was a lengthy journey home, and there was no way to keep the kitten safely tucked in their jerseys because it was continuously moving. The couple had no choice but to rush back home to collect their automobile because they didn’t have any other choices. They rushed off as quickly as they could after leaving the cat in her hiding area, hoping the kitten would not stray away.

Credit: Céline @tartemadame

They returned home, picked up a box, and returned quickly. Céline told Love Meow, “As soon as I stepped out of the car and called her, she came racing out of her hiding location in the ferns and ran towards me.”

As though she was eager to go home with them, the kitty leapt directly into her arms. “She gave my husband a thank-you grooming session on her first evening.”

Credit: Céline @tartemadame

Mini Kitty was her name.

The kitty ate as much food as she could get into her stomach over the following few days and slept a lot to make up for her lack of sleep. For protection and comfort, she was usually around Céline or Daniel.

She’s been the family’s biggest cuddler since then, hugging everybody and everything warmly.

Credit: Céline @tartemadame

“She is a beautiful kitty that is both nice and lively. She races up the stairs as soon as she hears us getting up, purring and head butting us “Love Meow was recounted by Céline.

Mini Kitty comes with a powerful purr motor.

Credit: Céline @tartemadam

Mini Kitty hugs anybody who could need a hug, no matter who they are.

Credit: Céline @tartemadam

Mini Kitty embraces everyone, no matter who they are. She is the family’s youngest furry member (they also have a dog and another cat) and the most affectionate.

Mini Kitty snuggles up to her canine companion for a nap.uld benefit from a hug.

Credit: Céline @tartemadam

The loving calico has a cheerful attitude that would brighten anyone’s day.

Piglet, too, requires a hug.

Credit: Céline @tartemadam

The kitten is no longer tiny a year later, yet certain things never change.

She continues to snuggle every day, exactly like she did when they discovered her near the forest.

Céline @tartemadam