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The Family That Spared His Life Is Clinging To The Little Kitten With Big Eyes

Beth, a Kitty Kottage volunteer, was informed to a little 99-gram kitten with big eyes in desperate need of help. Beth was taken aback by how little the kitten was, despite the fact that it was only three weeks old, when she first saw it.

The kitten was  rejected by his mother because  his health problems. The baby was in urgent need of bottle feeding and particular attention.

According to Beth, who spoke to Love Meow:


“He was a fighter because he had made it three weeks in that condition. I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to see me.

A little kitten with large eyes clings to the folks that rescued him.

Guinness, the kitten, struggled to eat from the bottle and syringe, so he was drip-fed for the first several days. Beth and her family went to great pains to ensure that he had food in his tummy and that he was constantly showered with love. Beth’s neck was his favorite resting place.

Beth explains:

«It was wrapped in a burrito-like package. When he awoke, he poked his head in and climbed out. Since the day I grabbed him, he’s been really powerful.

He was still half the size for his age at his first month, but the lovely blue-eyed feline was a terrific fighter and was intent on moving forward with his process, doing his best to keep growing strong.

He did not hesitate to use all four legs as the muscles in his legs got more powerful. Every day, Guinness became more daring and lively as he learned to play with toys.

The small kitten with the huge eyes took a long time to grow into the proper size and weight. It was still a touch on the tiny side, but it made up for it with personality and flavor.

Beth says:

“When Guinness truly enjoys something that makes him purr, he squeals.”

Guinness is quite a talkative boy and he always seems to be telling his family a story.
His mother cheerfully says:

“I was looking at the view from my bedroom window, and I was not happy that a vehicle had the audacity to pass! He was quick to tell them what he thought. He always sleeps in our bed. He went from sleeping between our heads to sleeping between one of our legs.

The adorable boy quickly became a teenage cat, and now his personality has blossomed. Guinness makes her home very entertaining and her little quirks keep her parents quite busy.

About a year has passed since Guinness arrived with his family. Over time, it has become a beautiful, cheerful and curious cat.

Beth explained:

“It was just 99 grams when I got it at three weeks old. Things would never have occurred to me that it would turn out the way it has.

Visit Guinness’ Instagram account to follow along with his adventures.