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A Kitten Rescued In A Field Cuddles And Insists On Remaining With A Young Guy

Malia, who lives in New York, was to Co-Op City Field in the Bronx to see her kid play baseball. She listened to a group of high-ranking individuals who had discovered a litter of kittens in a field.

The kittens were in poor health, filthy and frail, and they need immediate assistance. Malia gave them to Sunny, a rescuer, so that she could save them.

Sunny explained to Love Meow:

“She and her husband took me away to the little ones in a flash. My son (CJ Sung) and I picked them up, washed them, and gave all of the bottles to them.

A rescued kitty clings and refuses to let go of a young guy.


The kittens was around three weeks old and need round-the-clock care. They gained some strength from the start, and one of them rapidly became the standout.

Sunny’s youngest kid, the chimera-like little girl, was incredibly connected to him and clung to him.

She was quite devoted to the boy and didn’t like it when she was taken off his lap, so she clung to him firmly.

Suny explains:

“Chimera grabbed CJ and snarled at me and my eldest son, despite the fact that I was carrying the bottle.”


The kittens were just passing through and would be adopted as soon as they healed, but CJ fell in love with the tiny girl from the first time and begged her mother to adopt her.

Sunni continued:

‘It appeals to me.’ She’s my little kitty. He was smitten with her and pleaded with me to stay with her. Chimera was the name he gave it.


The kittens were quite active and playful after they had survived. Chimera loved the activities, but she was always looking for cuddles and attention from her favorite person; she looked to be in charge of feline antics and was often in trouble; only CJ seemed to be calm.


The cats were totally healed, cheerful, and mischievous after a few weeks. Chimera felt completely at ease.

Sunny continues:

“She is a troublemaker who enjoys getting into areas she shouldn’t be. He’s a clever guy who knows who to call when he’s in difficulty.”


Chimera is mischievous, but she gets along well with the other animals and humans at home, and it’s fascinating to see how her attitude shifts when she’s around CJ; she’s calm and affectionate with him.

Sunny explains:

“Chimera’s siblings were adopted once the kittens were old enough, and she stayed with us.”


Chimera is a mischievous creature who rushes around causing havoc. She is extremely energetic and restless, but as soon as she meets her favorite human, she settles down entirely. The boy’s mother said that when he’s at his side, he’s a little angel who simply wants to snuggle up to her as much as possible.


Chimera is an adult cat who likes proudly swinging its magnificent fluffy tail; his attitude is as restless as it was on the first day, and his antics continue to amuse everyone at home.


Chimera is a big cat that is constantly up to something and has endless energy, but she has transformed into someone very lovely and affectionate since meeting CJ, and hugs are the rule of the day.

Sunny said, ”

He is your closest companion. He was unquestionably her first choice.


You may learn more about Chimera and her family by visiting her Instagram account and following her activities.