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Kittens Rescued In The Nick Of Time Grow Up To Be Stunning Cats

We always hope that the world’s cats, kitties, and kittens never experience even the tiniest bit of misery, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some cats have a difficult start in life until the appropriate person’s sincere care and gentle affection helps them heal physically and mentally.

Seeing the final product beside where the journey began is nothing short of inspiring, motivating all of us to make a difference for animals in need in whatever way we can. All of these cats began their lives in a state of misery before evolving into their magnificent selves; perhaps, this motivates you to help your local cats (and other animals) in need.

1. This sweet kitten was in a car accident that nearly killed her, but she was able to snuggle up with the nicest family ever after undergoing many operations to live.

2. These kittens were wild at four weeks old! However, they are now adored and delightfully playful.

3. This beautiful, lovely cat was once discovered as a wounded, filthy kitten that was far too young to have been taken from his mother.

4. This cat was left in -30°C in Russia! But now he’s secure and warm all year.

a “5. A year ago, a young girl took a kitten to the veterinarian clinic. Two blood transfusions, two operations, and a six-month battle for her life were required.”

6. This little kitten was infected with fungus before a veterinarian assisted in arranging the finest therapy to turn the kitten into a fluffy, beautiful puss.

7. Gus had cat conjunctivitis, a sinus infection, and “a nasty neck wound” when he was brought home.

8. Winky, the black kitten, has certainly progressed!

9. This lovely cat’s name is Rey, and she took a year to go from ill to purr-fect.

10. These kittens were rescued and treated in order to find permanent homes.

11. It doesn’t always take much! Her kitten was found hungry on the side of the road, but the person who rescued and adopted her only cared for her for six days before revealing this amazing turnaround.

12. Inventive+ phrasing “Last summer, I discovered this cat in a locked box beside the road where we rode. I’m not sure why I decided to check it out. He is now a large cat that lives with his new family and his new companion.”

13. All it takes is adoption to transform a cranky tiny kitten into a lively, sociable cat!

14. “When it was minus 30 degrees Celsius, someone abandoned a cat on the street. I brought him home and found him a new family. They then emailed me this photo (on the right) shortly after.”

15. “I think Dandy has had an incredible shine up since I acquired her after being a petting zoo cat, therapy cat, then in two hoarder homes, producing three kittens while hungry, and getting shot in the face!”

16. We started out unkempt, and now we’ve made it! A lovely blue-eyed cat.

17. This sorrowful cat was about to be put to sleep, but he was saved just in time to live his finest, most cherished life.

18. Chip was attacked by a coyote and managed to live! Now he’s having the time of his life!!!!

19. “Sleeping comfortably in his new home” after being abandoned and injured on the street.