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Family Feels The Silence And They Find Their Girl Taking A Nap With Her Dog

Annabell lives in Brazil with her parents, whom she adores, but she also considers his dogs, Zaya, Neném, and Tataia, to be members of her family.

Little Annabell and the dogs frequently play outside, where they may spend hours together and have a great time. Something that his family does not mind and, in fact, enjoys seeing how the gang spends their days in between games.

Annabell’s mother, Lawria Melo, claims her daughter likes her pets. She said to The Dodo:

They’ve been close friends since childhood. He kisses them all in the morning. He adores them and treats them as if they were his siblings!

Girl found napping with her dog.

When their parents couldn’t hear the laughing and noises of the games a few days ago, they investigated for the explanation and discovered an absolutely lovely sight. Lawria complained that the house had grown too quiet.

Annabell and the dogs were apparently weary after their day’s activities, so they decided to take a group sleep in the middle of the day. Annabell had the option of going to her bed, but she chose to stay with her furry companions since he did not want to be parted from them.

His mother told

“I had a lot of laughs.” I was totally coated with sand when I arrived.

The scene was extremely lovely for Annabell’s parents, and while the child does not comprehend the feeling that seeing her there evokes in her parents, she does know that she adores their dogs; for her, being with them is worth it, even if she has to take many baths at the end of the day.

Lawria said:

“She is still unable to communicate, but I believe this is natural for her. We try to explain to him that he is unable to perform some tasks that pups are capable of.

Sure, there will be more antics from this gang as Annabell grows older, as well as some filthy hands and knees, but Annabell’s parents wouldn’t change a thing; they are content with this lovely relationship.

Lawria say:

“It’s incredible to see his passion and love for them. They are a part of his daily routine.