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Stray Mama Cat Has Litter & One Is Her Purrfect Mini-Me

When WAGS Pet Adoption in Westminster, California took in a stray cat and the five babies she’d had just 24-hours earlier, they knew that the newborns and their mom would need the special TLC of a foster home.

That’s when Amy Randolph got a call. “They told us about a stray mom who had day old kittens that needed fostering. We were told someone dropped them off at the police department,” she said in a story by Love Meow. “We literally drove to the shelter within the hour to get them.”

“On our way home!! We don’t like the car, but we love our new foster family,” reads the post on Instagram.

“Hangin’ with Mom.”

The litter of four sisters and one brother were all adorable and in good health.

One of them stood out from the rest: Punzie is a calico with markings that almost mirror her mama!

Once the kittens were old enough, they and their mama were put up for adoption to find forever homes. As for foster mom Amy Randolph, she posted that saying goodbye to the frenzy of fluffballs was tough, but “of course, we are addicted, so we will be fostering a new litter soon!!” See more pictures by folllowing @rainingkittens on Instagram.