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Rescue Cat Can’t Believe She’s Finally Found A Happy Home For Herself

That’s how this rescued cat appeared to be feeling. She couldn’t believe her luck after striving for so long to find a secure and loving home.

Deanna decided to adopt a cat but was unable to meet the cat in person owing to COVID limitations. But she couldn’t say no after a zoom call with her possible new kitten!

Deanna went to pick up the cat, but Jolie was already situated in her cat carrier, so she just brought her home. Jolie was a bit anxious, but primarily she couldn’t believe her good fortune!

“When we arrived home, she was really scared! I unzipped her carrier and let her explore for a bit.”

“While it took a few weeks for her to warm up, Jolie is the loveliest cat I’ve ever met. She’s never hissed at me, scratched me, or attempted to bite me. She has never behaved out in her life.”

“She’s just a beautiful soul who needed a loving home, and I’m so grateful to have her here with me.”

Jolie is now completely settled and in love with her new life!

You should definitely adopt and rescue a cat if you have the opportunity!